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Heidi Napflin

Principal teacher & studio owner

Heidi Napflin
certified Iyengar Yoga teacher

Heidi Napflin (certified Iyengar Yoga teacher) took up Iyengar Yoga in 1998 to find relief for a painful hip. Inspired by the effect and feeling of wellbeing she wanted to take it deeper.

She took up a 3-year teachers training program under the guidance and supervision of a senior teacher and is a certified Iyengar yoga teacher.  Heidi regularly attends workshops with senior teachers from Australia, Europe, India and New Zealand to further her knowledge. Certified Iyengar Yoga teachers go through vigorous certification procedures to attain teaching certificates under the supervision of a senior teacher.

Heidi has had a regular meditation practise for 30 years. From the humble beginnings of learning to meditate she has explored and practised different types of meditation. She was heavily involved with the Auckland Buddhist Center for over 10 years where she helped and assisted with their meditation courses. Heidi is very interested in the neoplasticity of the brain (the ability to adapt and change). Meditation is one of the best ways to do just that. Heidi has studied with international meditation teachers from Australia, India and England.

Heidi also trained in Zen Shiatsu and holds a professional degree in Zen Shiatsu Massage from Zen Shiatsu Aotearoa.

Philippa Payne

Philippa began practising yoga in 2004 and immediately found relief with on-going back problems that had plagued her for some time. Philippa regularly attends yoga workshops to upskill her practise and teaching.

Philippa is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher and teaches with enthusiasm and compassion.

Shannon Phillips

Shortly after discovering yoga in 2008, Shannon moved to Santa Cruz, California to delve deeper into her practise by participating in Mark Stephen's 200-hour yoga teacher training and in-depth studies program. Upon completion, she obtained her Master's degree in Rehabilitation Counselling at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine. During this time she taught weekly yoga classes at Amsa Yoga and Mindfulness Practise Center for 2 years. She has also taught in Sydney and has had a recent role in assisting teacher trainings in Bali. For Shannon the practise of yoga offers a sense of being grounded, light and present.

"I have always been a very active person and so was naturally drawn to the practise of Vinyasa. While becoming more attuned to the spiritual aspects associated with yoga, I have learned to slow down my practise and have found a deep appreciation and passion for Yin Yoga."

Shannon hopes to see you on the mat for a calming, soothing and grounding Yin Yoga practise.

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